The central location within the Czech Republic and the roads of European importance are indisputable benefits of the region, which has a great potential. The company CTP sensed it a long time ago and it has begun its successful pilgrimage to the Vysočina region. The company still has its headquarters in Humpolec.

Logistics companies and distributors usually build their warehouses just by the D1 motorway because they want to avoid driving on local roads. On the other hand, this region is relatively distant from larger towns and the average size of municipalities is the lowest in all the regions of the Czech Republic (it has only 724 inhabitants per municipality) and population density is very low – only 75 inhabitants per km2. Only the South Bohemian Region has less.

Interest is more local

The abovementioned absence of larger cities in the region may play a role in the fact that large investors do not show much interest in land. Local companies are more likely to operate in the region.

The biggest players

The largest developer in the Vysočina Region is CTP, which has no problem building a single independent building in a region. It is also interesting to note that CTP built its first industrial park in the Czech Republic in Humpolec and still has its headquarters there. The company owns three premises in the Vysočina area: CTPark Humpolec (planned to be expanded), CTPark Jihlava and CTPark Okříšky, with a total area of 104,000 sq. m. The second one in the region is the Outulný Group with the Velká Bíteš park, which has 35,900 sq. m.

There is potential here

The average vacancy rate in the Czech Republic is only 4.1%, with demand for new premises still being high. However, land in premium locations is running out or it is a big problem to start building them for now. That is why the winner is the one who has land and is ready to quickly build a hall according to the client’s requirements. Developers who secure land in less traditional regions (for now) will have an advantage in time.

According to the information available to CBRE, a planned and state-aided zone in Moravské Budějovice on the border with the South Moravian Region should be established in the future. There is no other major project in the region, except CTPark Humpolec II. Therefore, potential space for other developers is quite large, and demand is anticipated, especially for halls up to 3,000 sq. m. This is also reflected in relatively higher unemployment, which currently stands at 3.63%.

The Vysočina Region in numbers

  • The region currently has over 140,000 sq. m. of space.
  • The largest amount of space completed was added in 2016, with 26,000 sq. m.
  • Most areas (73%) in the region are owned by CTP Invest – more than 104,000 sq. m.
  • It is the 5th largest region in the Czech Republic with an area of approximately 6,800 km2.
  • The population is in the 12th place, with about 510,000 inhabitants.
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