Shipvio is a Czech company that developed an application linking freight carriers with available capacity in their vehicles and companies requesting transport services in real-time. Thanks to our application, shipping companies can increase the use of their vehicles while reducing the cost of transport by grouping multiple orders into one vehicle, resulting in fewer trucks on the roads and making the Czech Republic and other countries a better place.

We believe logistics is not outdated at Shipvio – on the contrary, it is a field that must constantly respond to the changing demands of its clients as well as us, the customers. We also believe that it can be done in a modern way, which is why we have teamed up with Art of Space – we want to be part of the project that aims to show the issues that (not only) logistics face every day. We welcome this initiative that brings together experts from different fields as well as the general public, which endeavours to show experience in logistics and industrial real estate. We look forward to continuing to share our experience and vision together with the Art of Space project.