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We wanted to find a forum where we can show how interesting are the companies which rent or build halls with the Art of Space platform. Together with our other partners, we want to initiate a discussion, where we bring information and opinions from various fields related to industrial real estate, which is also about us; each of us consciously uses halls in everyday life in some way, from commuting to purchasing equipment for a holiday online. We want to bring clear and objective information to professionals and lay people alike, endeavouring to show people that the Czech Republic can be a much better place to live.

We meet with companies using halls for their businesses every day as part of our work as real estate consultants. At the same time, we often encounter a negative view of industrial properties, which is why the Art of Space project was born. We want to demonstrate that warehouses and production halls are not just grey blocks behind the city, either inside or outside. There are many stories in these buildings, often almost magical, whether it’s assembling shipments that people have ordered from an e-shop or car production. With the Art of Space project, we want people to stop seeing industrial zones as a necessary evil and to perceive them as opportunities and places where useful and beautiful things are created.

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