Panattoni Park Cheb

The construction is being managed by Panattoni Europe in cooperation with Accolade, which will own the hall and lease it out for the long term. Colliers International helped to negotiate the investment in the amount of more than 60 million euros, or roughly 1.6 billion crowns.

In the first months after going into operation Tchibo will only be storing, sorting, packaging and dispatching goods for the Czech market in the Cheb distribution centre. Later the operations
will expand to include all of Central and Eastern Europe and the south of Germany. “In all of the countries where Tchibo operates we dispatch a total of more than 13 million shipments. That
places very high demands on organisation and logistics. The distribution centre in Cheb is an important step in the coverage of our growing sales volumes,” stated the General Director of Tchibo Praha, Richard Hodul. “Industrial development in the Czech Republic is changing. While fi ve years ago factories for the automotive industry clearly dominated, today logistics hall for e-commerce are on the rise,” explained Pavel Sovička, the General Director of Panattoni Europe for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Panattoni Park Cheb currently occupies approximately 40 hectares, in which a total of 2,500 people are working. This June the Chinese company BWI Group took over the new production hall to produce components for automobiles. BWI Group is now installing the machinery into the new factory with an area of 15,000 m2. The production of passive dampers for the upper range of vehicles such as BMW, Volvo, Audi, Opel and JLR should begin next year. The construction was fi nanced by the Accolade group, which signed a long-term lease with the Chinese company. “The building, which we had built on the basis of BWI’s requirements, will become part of our Accolade Industrial Property Fund after the building is completed and the tenant is moved in,” added Milan Kratina, the Chairman of Accolade’s Board of Directors.

The industrial developer Panattoni Europe is also active in other projects. Together with its partner Logistis, an AEW Europe fund, it is building a new hall in the recently-opened Panattoni Park Prague Airport II industrial zone near Pavlov in the Kladno region. The property with an area of 10,000 m2 should be completed this autumn and will be used for logistics or for light industry. Panattoni Europe is currently negotiating with potential tenants. At the same time the construction of a logistics hall for the first tenant there, which is DSV, is culminating.

“We have begun the construction of two buildings in Panattoni Park Prague Airport II over the course of 8 months. They will off er a total of 33,000 m2 of industrial space,” added Sovička.
This spring the developer opened a bypass around Pavlov and an adjacent roundabout. The industrial park by Pavlov off ers six buildings with a total area of up to 123,000 m2. One of its advantages is its fl exibility, taking into account the minimalistic requirement on the dimensions of the halls. Thus the client will be able to choose whether it wants a standard market solution and to lease the hall or to become its owner outright.

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