The largest mural art in the Czech Republic are being created in CTPark Humpolec and CTPark Prague Airport. The large-scale painting on the walls were conceived as graffiti taken to the next level. The winner of the international mural art competition, CTP Art Wall, which was organized in partnership with visual studio DRAWetc., will beautify the local industrial hall in Humpolec. The Belgian artist, who goes by the pseudonym DZIA, is in the process of finishing a unique painting inspired by fauna and flora on the walls of the hall. The final form of the unique outdoor art piece will be possible to admire in final form at CTPark Humpolec from mid-October. After the completion of the first painting, the CTP Art Wall project will continue with the execution of a second painting at CTPark Prague Airport. The second winner of the competition, is the Czech artist known by the pseudonym TRON. In addition to the execution of their proposals, both winners each received a cash prize of 100,000 CZK from the sponsor of the competition, CTP Invest. Together, the pair of artists will preside of the paintin of more than 6,500 m2.

The Humpolec artwork is based on a design created by Belgian the artist DZIA who participated in the CTP Art Wall international competition. The competition was organized by CTP in cooperation with the visual studio DRAW etc., the leader on the Czech illustrator scene. The aim of the project is to beautify and visually diversify not only the industrial halls but also whole industrial zones. The partner of CTP Art Wall is Art of Space platform, which focuses on improving the perception of industrial real estate in the Czech Republic. It informs, educates and offers space for sharing experience and knowledge among professionals, authorities and the general public.

Execution of the project began by removal of banners and primer. This was followed by cleaning of the surface on which the artists along with the DRAW etc. studio team gradually create the drawing itself, using special long-lasting colours. The finishing of the first painting, which began earlier this month, can be expected by mid-October.

“I’m looking forward to see the final form of both art pieces which I think, when finished in real size on walls of our CTParks, will be even more impressive. As a good neighbour, and ownder of industrial estate in strategic locations, we want give to our halls to have not only excellent technical standards, but also a strong social dimension. I believe that the connection of art and industrial parks will lead to an improve cultural life and at the same time will beautify our industrial and logistic halls in the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European countries where CTP operates, says Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.

“CTP is the first company in the Czech Republic which realizes something like this in this large format. The team faces relatively complicated logistical problems caused by changing weather and a challenging timetable. However, thanks to careful preparation, friendliness of our tenants, professionalism of the artists and dedication of our organization team, people will be able to see it already this month,” comments the project Stefan de Goeij, Head of property department CTP.

“The power of DRAWetc studio lies especially in the teamwork we bring to bear on major projects, the background of a highly creative production team and the huge portfolio of artists—the largest in Central Europe. We have taken CTP Art Wall as a competition where we have become the guarantor of the quality of the designs and then also of the execution on the walls of CTPark in Humpolec. We want to fully develop the large-format mural art in Czech Republic and thanks to a strong partner CTP we started absolutely fantastically,” adds Vladimír Strejček, Creative Director of DRAWetc.

“CTP Art Wall is unique achievement and we are pleased that Art of Space can be part of it. This project fully corresponds with our goal—to show not only to the professionals but also to the general public that industrial buildings are not just grey buildings behind the city. We are looking forward to the final work in Humpolec and the Airport,” says Bert Hesselink, Senior Director, Head of Industrial & Logistics in CBRE, the initiator of the Art of Space platform.

About DRAWetc.

Visual Studio DRAWetc. specializes in visual full service, inlcuding CGI visualizations, illustrations, storyboards, photo-production, comics, animation, graphic design, new media and creative events. After 15 years of its existence, DRAWetc. has become the leader of the Czech illustrator scene and has more than 4,000 realizations. It represents more than 100 artists who are taken care of by creative production team based in Prague.

About CTP

CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer and manager, specializing in the delivery and management of custom-built, high-tech business parks for leading international and domestic companies making strategic investments in new or expanded operations in Central Europe. CTP is the owner of the CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in Central Europe, with over 4.1 million m² of A-Class properties in over 80 strategic locations.

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