The question is always the same in this field! It’s in the jumble of numbers – whether they are in assessing new areas or the numbers of incoming investors, but answers are sometimes also missing when making complex comparisons. Prologis has just launched a European-wide survey to find out what factors currently play a major role in the market, and which logistics locations are booming according to these indicators.

Graphic: Prologis

There were several more awards – “Surprise on the Market” – total cost is not the deciding factor, “Top 2 Among Current Factors When Choosing a Location” – proximity to the centres of consumption (infrastructure) and the availability of labour. And where are the best conditions for logistics? A moment of tension … we present Venlo in southern Holland. This place is probably a big unknown for you, but it is very promising in terms of logistics! To learn more about the Prologis survey, read the following report:

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