Summary reports on the land fund from the Czech Land Registry data provide accurate figures. And they’re surprising! We have compared the current yearbook, from which we present data in a graphical form compared to data reported in 2007. We found that although arable land was lost and built-up areas were added, we have more forests and ponds.

Arable land and areas with permanent grasslands have decreased; the share of agricultural land has generally decreased by 46,029 hectares, representing a decrease of 8% since 1989. The built-up area is more than 2,023 hectares, with other areas (such as roads or railways, for example) seeing an increase of 19,190 hectares. However, the Czech Republic has not become a concrete jungle, as it may seem and as it is sometimes portrayed. There is often a stereotype that the ecology if the planet has seen decrease in forests and ponds – in fact, the opposite is true.

We have more than 20,703 hectares of forests in the Czech Republic since 2007. Form the Second World War, the forested area has grown by 154,000 hectares. Ponds are increasing – we have recorded 4,455 hectares more over the last 10 years! New hop gardens have also been built, with an increase of 717 hectors. However, the area of vineyards has surprisingly disappeared over the last ten years, with a difference of 929 hectares.

If we total the arable composed of gardens, orchards, hop gardens, vineyards and permanent grasslands, we find that it is more than half of the area of the Czech Republic – 53.4% of the territory, of which an 2,669 million hectares or 33.9% are forests. By comparison built-up areas and courtyards only occupy a fraction of the territory, 1.7% of the total area.

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