In order to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, and to remain the best choice for their clients, CTP targeted a 5 % reduction in energy consumption within the CTPark portfolio in 2016. A total area of 100,000 m2 has already been retrofitted thus far this year.


Based on energy studies and CTP’s pilot projects, this 5% reduction was primarily effected by exchanging legacy lighting to LED lighting. It required completely exchanging existing lighting systems and replacing them with LED lighting. “There are other ways to reduce energy consumption, but LED is the fastest, has the most impact, and is very interesting for our clients. As a result of the change, our clients’ electricity bill decreases. And teh return on investment is fast—within less than 2 years,” adds Stefan de Goeij, Head of the Property Management Department in CTP.

For 2016, CTP targeted a 5% decrease and the company plans to achieve that goal. Currently, the company has updated 100,000 m2 and over 150,000 m2 are scheduled for Q4. The works were undertaken in various parks throughout the Czech Republic, for example in CTPark Ostrava, CTPark Bor, CTPark Plzeň, CTPark Kadaň and CTPark Hranice. The company will also upgrade facilities in the Romanian market, mostly at CTPark Bucharest West II, but also at CTPark Timisoara, and CTPark Arad.

Furthermore, CTP will also retrofit exterior lighting in CTPark Timisoara, CTPark Bucharest and CTPark Bucharest West II. CTP plans to exchange 400,000 m2 of LED lighting throughout its portfolio next year. “The size of the retrofit is very unique. The buildings that have been refitted will undergo a re-certification for the Energy Performance Certificate and we expect to increase the rating from ‘C’ to ‘B’,” says Stefan de Goeij.

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